From the storms grow flowers of such misfortune that we are to eventually some day know



Life is continuously pushing forward,

As trees grow upward.

And branches fork out,

As life paths come to crossroads of decision!

In the end we end up in the same place,


Rotting leaves on the wet ground.

Nurishment for the life that remains,

For the new life that becomes,

For worms blindly eating their way to there own demise,

Destiny…to be nice.

Endless life cycle,

Yet still we fear what path is right,

Asif there is more than one destination.

It’s more about what you can gain along the way,

If that’s your drive.

What you leave behind,

In the minds of others..

A legacy I suppose.

Though for some…let’s stay out of the dark and in the fire,

The pain of life.

It carries on without us,

Regardless of what has gone,

And what’s yet to come.

Life just goes on.