An Often Wondered Why.

Why do people find it funny to make people mad for fun?

And then wonder why,

When the shit hit’s the fan,

The blood,

And the gut’s,

Bullets, gore,

Missing people,

Decapitated heads,

Refrigerated breasts,

Eyes in a jar..

Etc and whatever more..

Do some ask themselves,

What the fuck did I go and wind them up for!!!

And do some wonder,

Wonder what would happen,

If I wind some other up, even more…….




An object in way of light.

Casting a shadow.

The shadow is dark.

Reality casts the darkness.

No reality = no darkness.

Perhaps it is right after all to believe in a (unifictionaled?) fantasy!!!




But which one? So many to choose, and all claim they’re right.

If not, then why would they be hosted?

….In minds,

out of sight…